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Redwood wine racks are the best choice for storing wine. Wine racks are available in all sizes and can be customized to fit any location.

If you are thinking about wine storage and you’re looking towards wooden racks. Selecting redwood  from The Wine Rack Company California  is a great way to start.I offer 2 different styles of wine racking that are both unique and familiar.Which style HRS (Horizontal) or VRS (Vertical) will provide me with the best fit and price? Some  bottles are bigger than others which wine racks are best for you, depends on several variables. All of which I am happy to help you with.When your ready and have spent some time looking around, or maybe I am your first stop , and you know what your looking for please call me and lets talk . I have designed hundreds of cellars  all over the United States and can help you make the choices that are right for you to turn your space into a custom wine room, wine cellar, or any place you want to store wine. Large and small and I am happy to just give you some input to help your journey.

I use 100% California Redwood ,not only is it the best wood for storing wine but  its beautiful and lends well into any room. I live and work in Northern California ,when you buy a wine rack or wine cellar from me you get a handmade wine rack  that has a personal touch no matter where you live. Wine bottles need be well organized in a quality rack so they can kept safe and secure. Wine racking provides a classy display for your wine collection large or small. Redwood racks endure for ages.

A personal Wine Cellar Design is ideal because you can design around your  needs  according to space, your individual style and budget. There are several choices and I can make process easier for you weather you are looking for a  single rack or an elaborate wine cellar in a commercial space. Maybe you want the whole design but can only afford half the racking. My designs are expandable and Im happy to revisit a cellar that needs more storage. I am a professional consultant in wine storage solutions , I can advise you on the cellar designs; a variety of options that are available to can transform your cellar, basement or room into a complete functional wine storage area. My wine racks are ideal for maximum storage.There is nothing better than a stunning wine cellar design is good to flaunt your hard earned wine collection. Privately knowing you paid a  practical  price.

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